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About LBF Actors

LBF Actors represent compelling, dynamic and motivated actors in television, advertising, film and stills.  We specialise in exceptional, talented youth & select premier adult actors.  We promote our actors within NZ and internationally.    

The right agent can be an actor's greatest champion, strongest supporter & wisest counsel, which is why we place emphasis on relationships! We always begin the process with a meeting together in the LBF studio to get to know each other, discuss how it all works and see if we're a good fit, followed by a New Actors Workshop and/or a private one to one acting session in front of camera.  We know our actors abilities & skills so we can provide casting directors with the right people for the right role.  We operate with insight & knowledge!  

LBF Actors are well known for it's training & development of young actors, providing a range of workshops & classes, including private coaching.   

The New Actors Workshop for all new young actors to the agency 5 - 17yrs, is fundamental.  It gives us insight as to the current ability & skills of the actor and what development they need in order to progress.  In simple terms - we get to know our actors!   For new actors 18yrs & over we provide an initial private acting session with the same purpose in mind.  Current actors can attend refresher workshops to recharge & fortify skills and retain a connection between ACTOR & AGENT.  They're held at the beginning of every term.   

Regular ‘Acting for Camera’ Classes are held throughout the term in Auckland, for actors wanting to learn accents, develop and refine their craft,  targeting skills & confidence required in camera work and performance.   

Private Acting Sessions are also available. 

LBF Actors are members of the AAANZ (Actors Agents Association of NZ) and work closely with NZ Actors Equity, providing advice, active lobbying and advocacy on behalf of youth actors in the NZ Entertainment Industry.

LBF Actors is committed to providing the industry with an array of extraordinary talent.


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