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LBF  Actors provide a range of learning platforms within LBF Acting Academy for both Youth & Adults.  LBF classes & workshops are exclusive to LBF Actors.   If you're wanting to enrol in a class/workshop, but are not represented by LBF Actors, just email Liz BF to set up a meeting to discuss prospective representation.

  • LBF YOUTH INTRO/REFRESHER WORKSHOPS:  Actors begin with an Intro/Refresher Workshop and/or Private Acting Session.  These sessions are fundamental as it gives us insight into the current individual ability & skill, what roles actors are ready for and what development they need in order to progress.  In simple terms - we get to know actors creatively!  Current actors can participate in these workshops as a refresher to recharge, fortify skills and retain a connection between ACTOR & AGENT. Intro/Refresher Workshops are held at the beginning of every term. 

  • LBF YOUTH ACTING ACADEMY 6-17yrs:  Acting for Camera Classes for LBF Actors wanting to learn & develop their acting skills.  Focused on Acting & Audition Techniques; Standard American Accent;  Intensive Scene Work;  Improvisation;  Stage & Screen Combat;  Filming Scenes for Actor Resume/Showreel.​​

  • LBF ADULTS 18+yrs:  Private Coaching & Acting for Camera sessions are available on request for our adult actors.  In Studio or Zoom - actor's choice!  Focused on Acting for Camera & Audition Techniques;  American Standard Accent Coaching @ $50 per hour.